A Woman of Faith: Timeka’s Story


Timeka was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma in September of 2012. She would soon come to learn of the staggering fact that the cancer covered 90% of her body. After some very trying times, she eventually received her stem cell transplant in September of 2013.

Timeka is a woman of faith and believes that God is constantly with her during this difficult time. It hasn’t been an easy journey for her since her family and friends live far away from her on the East Coast. However, Pink Door has been able to step in and provide some financial relief towards her rent and auto loans so that she can concentrate on other areas in her life.

“Pink Door has helped me by lightening the load of my bigger bills. It has been extremely difficult to find a way to pay my rent while being out of work. This help has been a blessing and I’m thankful for it.” – Timeka

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