Our Story

Welcome to Pink Door… Providing supplemental financial support to women with any form of cancer through Pink Door’s program(s)! As a nationally classified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since October 2007, Pink Door’s goal is to help thousands of women in the fight of their lives by relieving some of the financial burden cancer can bring.

mom-and-cortneyPink Door’s creation began with my mother and best friend, Gayl Ann Gronauer Cole. In July of 1999, she was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer while under-going her annual OBGYN check-up. Like many breast cancer patients, my mother was immediately scheduled for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In addition to this new discovery and aside from her personal health, her primary focus remained on her income and “affording” to recover from breast cancer. After pulling through a difficult divorce just previous to her diagnosis, my mother’s breast cancer treatment was luckily a success! Though left with quite a few medical bills, her continued perseverance and commitment to finding a career path landed her in the role of a successful antique dealer here in the Houston community and across the country.

Three years later in November 2003, I had moved from Los Angeles to Houston in hopes of spending more time with my family, and most importantly, my mother. Within one month of returning to Houston, my mother was unfortunately diagnosed with Stage 4 bone cancer; a metastasis from her former breast cancer in 1999. Weeks passed by as my mother struggled. She could no longer walk while spending months in a wheel chair. Doctors encouraged her to pursue additional radiation treatments in order to shrink the tumors attached to her spine. Fortunately, there was success, but the therapy did not change the final outcome on her health for which I was going to lose the very person that has been my inspiration, my rock in my most difficult and distraught times.

On August 25, 2005, my mother passed at the Houston Hospice. On that day, I had one final thought that crossed my mind – how proud I was of my mother’s accomplishments and hard work throughout her life, yet how much easier would it have been for her to have financial support in order to build her resume, or finish her degree without having to spend the initial funds to make it all happen? Though it took the passing of one person I held so dear to my heart, it took that moment, her love for which Pink Door’s idea and creation began.

From that day, I realized it’s time to make a difference in women’s lives after cancer. Pink Door was created embracing this concept, and giving women a new beginning after cancer. Like my mother, no woman should have to worry about “affording recovery.” Instead, Pink Door now provides a way for women cancer survivors to “open a door to a whole new life” by offering programs to benefit women in their lives after cancer. By donating to our cause, you are not only donating to a charity, you are donating to an organization that will change these women’s lives for a lifetime!

Best Regards,
Cortney Cole Hall
Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Pink Door Nonprofit Organization