Pink Door Recipient Stories

Relieving Stress: Marina’s Story


Marina was diagnosed with breast cancer and quickly felt the burden of medical expenses associated with treatment. Marina continues her fight and her wish is to focus on recovering and getting healthy without the overwhelming thoughts of financial burdens. Pink Door is glad to be a source that’s able to assist Marina with these medical expenses so that she can… Keep Reading

A Woman of Faith: Timeka’s Story


Timeka was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma in September of 2012. She would soon come to learn of the staggering fact that the cancer covered 90% of her body. After some very trying times, she eventually received her stem cell transplant in September of 2013. Timeka is a woman of faith and believes that God is constantly with her… Keep Reading

Focusing on Recovery: Jeanette’s Story


Jeanette was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in July of 2014, which quickly spread to her lungs and bones. She began treatment in August 2014 and still continues her fight today. During this journey, Jeanette’s two children have been a great support system. Pink Door has been another source of support for Jeanette and has taken care of some… Keep Reading

Moving Forward: Gigi’s Story


In January of this year, Gigi was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a rare form of blood cancer. During this process, Gigi’s faith has grown stronger and she has remained optimistic. “We didn’t always have much, but we had everything we needed. Things have been not been easy, but my faith has taught me to be positive no matter how… Keep Reading

Positivity & Compassion: Angel ‘s Story

Angel Tristan

Angel was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she has not let it affect her spirit. She is a woman filled with so much compassion, and even during her own time of struggle, she thinks of others and constantly strives to provide for her community. “I am so thankful for the Pink Door organization! They helped me in so many ways!… Keep Reading