“I have donated and am a member of Pink Door Nonprofit Organization. As every woman has been affected by cancer one way or another, I feel good knowing that I’m able to help.” ~Daniel Lue, CBS TV Show Survivor: The Amazon


Hanh TranBachelorette Hanh

Houston Artist Hanh Tran enriches the lives of Houstonians by sharing her incredible oil on canvas art in installations across the city, as well as volunteering through many worthy organizations. Her art is also featured in private residences across Texas, New York, and the East and West coasts. You might find her taking in a good book, enjoying great conversations with friends and family or grabbing her oils and brushes for a 2 a.m. painting session. Hanh is passionate about art and life, and is looking for someone that is calm, cultured and equally passionate and willing to stand up for what is important to them. In the spirit of taking a hands-on approach to sharing the art experience with others, Hanh's "date" will include a picnic on the lawn of the Menil followed by a tour of the museum and a personal painting session with the artist. You will get to take home the painting. This is the perfect package for any art-lover (male, female, single or married)! Whether you are looking to make a love connection or just want to have a friendly picnic with one of Houston's most talented artists, it will be an afternoon you won't forget (afterall, you'll be reminded every time you see that beautiful one-of-a-kind painting on your wall)!


Hanh's Profile

Name: Hanh
Age: 36
Hometown: Houston
Education: Biology, University of Houston
Occupation: Artist
Hobbies: volunteering
Favorite Escape: Reading, napping and painting at 2 in the morning
How would you describe yourself? Happy, kind and considerate to others. Enjoy great conversations with friends and family.
Describe your ideal person: Calm, confident, cultured, good morals and values. Be kind to others. Be passionate about something and stand for something.
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Music: Country and Classical
Describe your perfect date: Simple, not a lot of fluff. Have great conversations, share a nice bottle of wine and leaving each other wanting more....
Describe the date you are offering: On our date we will enjoy a relaxing picnic on the lawn of the Menil Museum, followed by taking in one of the world's greatest art collections in Renzo Piano's first American building. Then, we will create our own "masterpiece" ...  a painting that you get to take home.